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Basic TOEFL Training➤Basic TOEFL Training Institutions

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Today I will share with you the knowledge of basic TOEFL training, which will also explain the basic TOEFL training institutions. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now, don’t forget to pay attention to this book Stand up, let's start now! List of catalogs in this article: 1. How much is the tuition fee for TOEFL training courses? 2. The cost of TOEFL training courses in New Channel. 3. What to learn in TOEFL training courses. 4. What are the TOEFL training courses? How much is the tuition for TOEFL training courses? The cost of TOEFL training courses is about 8,000-30,000 yuan. Currently, there are three common TOEFL training courses: one-to-one courses, small classes and large classes. Typically, training course fees include tuition, teaching materials, and registration fees. In big cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, the cost of training courses may be higher, around 5,000-10,000 RMB. In other cities, the cost is relatively low, around 3000-5000 RMB. The annual cost of TOEFL training class is about 10,000-30,000 yuan. Course price list for different training periods: The training period is 2-4 months, and the cost is generally about 10,000 yuan. The teaching content is mainly thematic reinforcement and learning of answering methods. The tuition of TOEFL training schools is generally between 6,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan. Depending on the training content chosen by the trainees, the length of the class and the number of people in the class, the specific tuition fee will vary. The cost of the TOEFL training class for the new channel The cost of the TOEFL class for the new channel is around 7,000 yuan. Information expansion: New Channel is the abbreviation of New Channel International Education Group. It was co-founded by Professor Hu Min and the team members on October 16, 2004. It is headquartered in Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing. The cost of the New Channel TOEFL training course is as follows: The price of the TOEFL introductory course is about 7,000 yuan. This course is mainly suitable for students who urgently need to break through the TOEFL score to study abroad, learners who want to improve their English skills as soon as possible, and job seekers who want to improve their English level in a short period of time. The price of TOEFL training in New Channel is relatively affordable, and most courses charge relatively low fees. The fee is about 4000 yuan. The TOEFL test is conducted around the world every year, and the frequency is close to once a week. The test sites of these TOEFL tests are rented, so a huge rental fee is required. The fees for TOEFL classes in New Channel vary according to the type of course and the teaching area. For example, the tuition fee for the TOEFL class in Beijing New Channel usually ranges from more than 10,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan. Among them, the tuition fee of the intensive class is lower, after the ordinary class; the VIP class is the class with the highest tuition fee. TOEFL course fees are based on different course methods, there are comprehensive improvement classes and TOEFL individual classes. What to learn in TOEFL training 1. For more knowledge about TOEFL courses, come to New Oriental Online to find out. New Oriental's online TOEFL courses include recorded lessons, live lessons, and one-to-one lessons, which are suitable for students of different English levels. 2. The methods of self-study TOEFL are mainly vocabulary, reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Regarding the TOEFL vocabulary course, students with a relatively good foundation can choose not to take this course, and recite it by themselves according to the classification of roots and affixes. 3. The training period is 2-4 months, and the cost is generally about 10,000 yuan. The teaching content is mainly to strengthen special topics and learn how to answer questions. The training period is 4-6 months, and the cost is about 10,000-20,000 yuan. The teaching content is mainly to deepen the study of basic knowledge points and strengthen the foundation. What are the TOEFL training Global IELTS Global IELTS has been resold basic TOEFL training, but now under Puxin Education. Lange Education Basic TOEFL Training: Lange Education is an English training institution with many years of basic TOEFL training in my country. It has experienced teachers and a very professional TOEFL training team. New Channel Education Institution: New Channel plays a pivotal role in the basic TOEFL training in the TOEFL training industry in mainland China today. Xintong Education Xintong Education is a world-leading education group with more than 20 years of educational experience worldwide. Through rigorous teaching management and curriculum design, they can meet the needs of different students and help them improve their TOEFL scores. Global IELTS, a brand of the British Pearson Group, is the largest IELTS TOEFL institution in China, has the most IELTS TOEFL teachers, and is the only listed IELTS tutoring school in China. Which TOEFL training class is better? Where is it? 1. Lange Education. Lange Education is one of China's leading basic TOEFL training institutions for studying abroad. They have a group of experienced foreign teachers and teaching teams for basic TOEFL training, providing students with high-quality TOEFL training services. Educational Testing Service Center. 2. A good TOEFL training class is as follows: Basic TOEFL training: New Oriental Education Technology Group, currently the group focuses on language training and is a large-scale comprehensive education technology group integrating education training, education product research and development, and education services. 3. The relatively well-known offline TOEFL institutions are New Oriental, Lange, Xinhangdao and Huanya. Find a TOEFL institution and suggest that you must inspect several training courses in the early stage, make full use of the free consultation, and ask everything you want to know, such as teachers, prices, services, etc. 4. The third one is New Oriental Education Technology Group. New Oriental currently has more than 1,000 branch schools and is one of the largest education and training institutions in China. IELTS, TOEFL and other programs are well received. New Oriental's courses are scientific and reasonable, and the diversified course types meet the needs of different students. 5. New Oriental TOEFL training is good. Good teaching resources New Oriental TOEFL training has professional teachers, all of whom come from famous schools in the world and have rich TOEFL teaching experience and teaching skills. 6. TOEFL training New Oriental Online School is good. New Oriental was the first to do training and examinations for studying abroad, and it has a great reputation. It can be regarded as an old brand English training institution, but with the subsequent development, it is no longer just about English training. But it is still quite good in TOEFL training. TOEFL training costs Tuition is basically at least 30,000 for basic TOEFL training. TOEFL institutions have a lot of basic TOEFL training classes according to their own basic TOEFL training. You can choose to take a large class of basic TOEFL training, a medium class of 10-15 people, a small class, or one-to-one targeted design. The cost of choosing a TOEFL training class is generally between 6,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan. The TOEFL course fee will be around 6,000-20,000 yuan. Because the training time generally affects the cost of TOEFL training classes, the longer the training time, the higher the cost. This is the end of the introduction about basic TOEFL training and basic TOEFL training institutions. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Basic TOEFL Training➤Basic TOEFL Training Institutions