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Today, I will share with you the knowledge of cabinet joining, which will also explain the cabinet joining shop. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now, don’t forget to pay attention to this site, start now Bar! List of catalogs in this article: 1. How to make a good business plan for joining cabinets? 2. How to join Tysen cabinets? What is the standard for joining Tysen cabinets? 3. Which brand is better for joining stainless steel cabinets? 1. Persevere and work hard. Opening a store and doing business is a lifetime career. You can't take the attitude of trying first. Now that you have decided to open a cabinet franchise store to start a business, you must manage the store with care. A lazy and undisciplined attitude will eventually lead the store to close its doors. 2. Whole house customized franchise business survey First look at yourself, what do you like to do, what can you do, why? Faced with the three problems of the soul, we can only understand ourselves before we understand the market. Think about it and move on to the next item. 3. The development of the cabinet industry is very fast. If you join this industry and choose a combination cabinet brand to open a store, you can often get good profits, but it is very important to choose the right location for the store. The editor will talk about the combination cabinet home franchise store for entrepreneurs. method of address selection. 4.) Through relevant cooperation with home improvement companies, decoration users can learn about innovative cabinets in various home improvement companies, which can greatly increase the awareness of innovative cabinets; 2) The designers of the decoration company and Marketing teams can drive sales of innovative cabinets. 5. The overall cabinet chain store can greatly increase sales by carrying out active marketing through other channels while doing a good job in storefront work. For example, contact the purchasing department of each company, or the welfare department. 6. Choose the right brand Now that you have decided to choose the whole cabinet to join, the first thing you should pay attention to is to choose the right brand. Everyone's taste and economic ability are different. The brand you choose should match you, and you should choose the brand according to your local market conditions. How to join Tysen Cabinets What is the standard for Tysen Cabinets? 2000 quality management system certification; and the quality of Tysen cabinets has withstood the test of the market for more than ten years, and has always had a good reputation among consumers. Qingdao Tysen Family Cabinet Kitchenware Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned German enterprise. German Tysen Cabinet - German-style kitchen furniture, has a simple design and a calm atmosphere. Kronospan panels are imported from Germany, and the materials are environmentally friendly and healthy. First of all, in the selection of materials, Sensen Cabinet chooses each door panel and each accessory, and chooses European E0 or E1 standard boards, which are environmentally friendly and safe, and have passed relevant quality standards. certified. The hardware is a pumping, flexible, global product that ensures long-term use. In terms of material selection: Tysen cabinet selects every door panel and every accessory, and selects European E0 or E1 standard panels, which are environmentally friendly and safe, and have passed relevant quality certification earlier. The hardware is a global high-quality product, which can be used flexibly after being pulled and drawn to ensure a long-term use. First of all, the boards used in Tysen cabinets all meet the European E0~E1 standard, and the environmental protection factor is better than the national standard. And the world's top hardware is used, which can guarantee the service life of 200,000 times. Tysen cabinets are exquisite and perfect in every detail of the cabinets, with patented cabinet back inserts, exclusive patented metal and quartz door panels, which not only meet the aesthetic concept of personalized kitchens, but also achieve the effect of crack resistance and dust resistance. The boards used in Tysen cabinets all meet the European E0~E1 standard, and the environmental protection factor is better than the national standard. Which brand is better for stainless steel cabinets to join? Orange stainless steel cabinets: Orange stainless steel cabinets is one of the brands that entered the stainless steel cabinet industry earlier in China, with high popularity and market share. Its product quality and after-sales service are also relatively reliable. Recommendation for stainless steel cabinets: It is recommended to choose Senge Alps series. First of all, Senge is a big brand of stainless steel cabinets, committed to creating a more high-quality kitchen life. They have rich experience in cabinet design, material selection, craftsmanship, etc., and the styles are diverse. The overall kitchen design effect is very advanced, fashionable and very trustworthy. The following are some stainless steel overall cabinet brands recommended by the editor for you, I hope you will like it: Piano PIANO Piano is a brand under Guangdong Zhongshan Xinshanchuan Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2012 Piano stainless steel The overall cabinet has become one of the top ten brand cabinets in China, and it is a product of China's environmental label. This is the end of the introduction about cabinet joining and cabinet joining and opening a store. Did you find the information you need? 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Cabinet joining⟿Cabinet joining shop