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China Resources Bank Online Banking ➢Cannot login to China Resources Bank Online Banking

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** This article list: 1. Does China Resources Bank mobile bank transfer need digital authentication? 2. How to transfer funds between Zhuhai China Resources Bank Online Banking? 3. How to open Zhuhai China Resources Bank Does the bank's credit card online bank China Resources Bank mobile bank transfer need digital authentication? To apply for a China Resources Bank mobile phone digital certificate, you need to provide certain personal information and materials, such as identification, mobile phone number, etc. The system has added a new authentication method, so you need to reset the authentication method in online banking. Solution: log in to online banking first, then go to "Personal Settings" - "Security Tool Settings" menu, "Please select security tools", select "dynamic password and mobile transaction code", and that's it. Note that this must be selected for online payment. Enter the bank card password, and at the same time there is a 6-digit digital display code on the token. After entering, enter the mobile phone verification code. and it can be done. An electronic token is an electronic device that generates a different code every once in a while, and the payment can only be made successfully by adding a mobile phone SMS verification code. If it is the first time to log in after opening online banking. No transfer required. After activation, you need a mobile phone dynamic password to transfer money or pay online, which means that every time you transfer money or pay online, the system will send a set of dynamic passwords to your mobile phone. As long as the mobile phone does not lose the money in the bank card, it will not be stolen from online channels. Mobile phone verification code authentication: At present, mobile phone verification codes are required for online bank transfers. In order to comprehensively improve the security of online banking transactions and enhance customers' safety awareness, BOC's online banking fully applies mobile phone transaction code authentication. Personal customers need to enter the mobile phone transaction code when transferring money to others or making online payment transactions through BOC online banking. How to transfer funds between banks in online banking of Zhuhai China Resources Bank? 1. The steps of transferring funds in online banking are as follows. Log in to online banking, and click to enter the home page. Find the function option and enter the transfer remittance. Click on the inter-bank transfer function, enter the card number and name of the other party for verification, and the inter-bank transfer can be realized. 2. You can remit money directly by cash and fill in a wire transfer form for remittance, but you must fill in the receiving account, account name, and bank name of the other party; open online banking, activate online, and then you can pay and transfer online; A certain fee will be charged for inter-bank transfers. 3. Hello, China Resources Bank can transfer funds with other banks. If you use a China Resources Bank card to transfer funds, you need to transfer funds at the ATM machine of China Resources Bank, or you can transfer funds at the counter of China Resources Bank. 4. The ATM of Agricultural Bank of China can insert Zhuhai China Resources Bank card, but it can only withdraw money but not transfer money. All UnionPay cards can be used on UnionPay ATMs, but most of them only support inquiries and cash withdrawals, and ATM transfers can only be made with peers, not inter-bank transfers. 5. There are two ways for China Resources Bank to transfer funds to corporate accounts. Go to the bank counter to fill out the remittance form, which needs to be stamped with a special financial seal and a legal person seal. During the transfer process, for corporate remittances, you need to fill in the other party’s account information as required and submit it. Only when the authorization is approved can the transfer be successful. How to open the credit card online banking of Zhuhai China Resources Bank 1. Enter the ICBC website homepage, there is an "Install" in the lower right corner of "Personal Online Banking Login", click it, download the "Personal Security Control" and the corresponding certificate driver, and you are done. China Resources Bank Internet Banking, generally known as China Resources Bank app. 2. Go to the local branch of the issuing bank with the bank card and ID card to sign a contract to open online banking. When you open online banking, you will activate the online payment function. If your bank card has a financial management function, you can also sign a contract to activate the online financial management function. 3. How to open credit card online banking: Search the official website of the bank on a computer browser, click "Personal Online Banking Login" or "Personal Online Banking Login" after entering, and then click "Register" on the login page. Go to the bank branch with your ID card, and then apply for opening online banking at the counter, and the bank staff will open it for you. 4. (3) Tell the teller at the counter to activate the credit card online payment function. At this time, the online payment function has been activated, but you still need to go to the bank's online banking to activate the online payment function of the credit card. 5. Log in to the bank's website, click "Register" under the personal online banking, click "Register personal online banking" after reading, fill in the registration card account number, password, verification code, and submit, and then follow the prompts to operate. Note: This method of operation can only allow you to query account information, and has no payment function.

China Resources Bank Online Banking ➢Cannot login to China Resources Bank Online Banking